Are you ready for the 2020 ZenBook line-up?

The 2020 ZenBook line-up is our focus moving forward through the end of 2019 and into 2020.

Each new generation brings more than just faster processors. ASUS brings innovation to a challenging and largely stagnant laptop market. In 2020, not only will the hardware get better, but expect the already great design of the ZenBook series to get even better.

ScreenPad  Innovation

ASUS will be releasing their 3rd generation ScreenPad technology in the 2020 ZenBook line-up. Expect even greater power efficiency and usability. ScreenPad is an example of risk taking that ASUS is known for and this is an innovation that enhances productivity and enjoyment of a laptop.

Easy on the eyes

The ZenBook series is known for great looking design. With the range of models coming in 2020 you don’t need to spend huge money to get a ZenBook. You can get the premium looking design and feel at a variety of price points, but if you want a top-of-class laptop, you can always step up to the ZenBook Pro series.